開講場所:慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパス   開講年度:2004年度−現在 (ミュージアムデザイン基礎は2014年度から)


課題:東京丸の内ミュージアム    TOKYO MARUNOUCHI MUSEUM PROTOTYPE(佐野、坪倉、加藤s、片山、西尾)、五感を研ぎ澄ませるミュージアム(菅原、河野)、東京駅前のミュージアム(小泉、小島、伊藤、菊川)、Time Motion Museum(加藤h、小野寺、小室、関、パナヨティドゥ)、Marunouchi Chronicle(早坂、寺澤、成田、中川)、Postrium(浅野、高橋、松尾、鞍谷)
課題:慶應義塾大学ミュージアム    Plast Plaza(二宮、毎熊、武田、本田、木野)、遊愛型ミュージアム(伊藤、秀島、津田、大川、渡辺)、En Museum(玉村、片桐、竹澤、上崎)、Commu-Lab(久保田、関、松原、三澤)
課題:領域型ミュージアム    Framuseum(風祭、加藤、平本、稲田、鈴木)、Roji Museum(日下部、大泉、服部、増渕)、Layor of the Books(津久井、小田島、秋葉、東、立岡)、INSIDE OUT(田中、大家、三谷、家洞、磯野)、比較(高橋、新井、今井、森下)
課題:領域型ミュージアム     Floa Tokyo(亀岡、大長、勝山、立山、加藤)、 Temple Town Museum(大川、相原、岡、藤木、村岡)、String Street(又村、吉田、原、宇田川、荻田)、ミュージアム誘(李、渡辺、波多野、イム)、新宿邂逅計画2014(田中、福田、水谷)、Layered City:Learning from Tokyo Marunouchi(太田、藤吉、神野、平野)

Design your vision of museums of the future:  The world is becoming "museumized". "Preservation", which has been an area of expertise of museums, is becoming a universal issue encountered in the course of human activities during a time when vast quantities of things and information are being created around the world. To deal with this trend, a framework is needed which isn't limited to historical assets that have been selected as time passes, but that also incorporates things and information as current assets. Collected things and information can be used as resources to construct the future, in addition to being stored as a record of the past. Such vast museum resources can be expected to serve as a base leading to the formulation of new academic expertise and new social endeavors. In other words, while museums have an important function as centers of preservation, they should also become places that inspire creation. In this course, we will explore various ideas and practices relating to the design of new social roles and forms of existence for museums. Course participants are expected to actively engage in the creation of new ideas and values, covering a wide range of areas such as natural history, art, system planning, design of spaces, exhibition planning, and expression of information.